Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Journal 5

Mobile Computing and Information Access

Mobile computing devices are portable computers, tablet PCs, PDAs, smart phones, personal digital assistants, and carputers. A carputer is a computing device installed in an automobile. It operates as a wireless computer, sound system, GPA, and DVD player. Also it contains word processing software and it’s bluetooth compatible. In fact, I have a carputer in my car, and it is indispensible for me to use it in my daily life. Without GPA, I cannot go anywhere these days. I simply listen and drive following its directions. Even though many other 40s and 50s still look for traditional and slow ways to find a destination when they travel, I do not have to print directions from ‘Mapquest’ or buy a map anymore. Carputer is amazing. Furthermore, without the sound system or DVD player, I cannot imagine my driving at all, particularly when I drive for long hours. It entertains me and becomes my close friend all the time especially when I drive alone.

In addition, it is time to think about how we can use technology to bridge the gap between rich and poor nations in the world. The hallmark of a civilized society is to offer opportunities for people from all parts of the world to have a better quality of life. The underdeveloped countries in Africa and the poverty in those countries should be a concern for every single citizen in any society. Mobile computing can help people in Africa by offering technological solutions for their everyday needs. Students have no access to email or to e-learning but all have mobile phones which are used successfully by university in their education. One such application of modern technology is the example of how teachers in Ethiopia are tapping into Microsoft Azure Cloud to plan and download curriculum, keep track of academic records and securely transfer the student data to make it available throughout the education system. They are highly efficient in poor Africa because of the benefits; low cost and faster time to market. I expect all people take advantages from mobile computing devices, but undeveloped and disadvantaged countries take more in considering of their geographical difficulties and costs.,,contentMDK:22267518~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:282386,00.html

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